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MTK6575 smartphone: haier W718 evaluation

Recently, Haier released Android smartphone -“haier W718, priced at $85.00, the machine at the same time is a waterproof phone .

Haier W718 uses 4.0-inch touch screen,it also is equipped with MTK6575 processor,frequency for a 1GHz,it also has 512MB RAM+4GBROM memory to run, and it is euippped with a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and  a 2000mAh Battery lithium battery, the machine uses the Android 4.0 OS  .

W718 shockproof phone  provides users with larhe memoryspace, in the synchronization project include information, contacts, notes, pictures, etc.,it  can cover the user’s day-to-day use of the data. Ali cloud OS desktop are fixed. W718 shockproof phone also adds a personalized desktop function, so the user can according to their preferences at any time to switch to a different desktop style.

As forhaier W718 , users can own an account connect PayPal account to pay , which means it not only can enjoy the variety of cloud services. the mobile payment function can be achieved.

In addition to the three new highlights, haier W718 is also commendable in detail. It also can support Traditional Chinese for the first time, which also meet the need of the broader range of users;in addition,it also increase desktop grouping capabilities, it can desktop pagination and overall sliding; it also offers a variety of widgets, making SMS function communication more fun; moreover,it also has built-in number attribution function, which can be displayed automatically.

Before Haier W718,  a total of three smartphone launched ,including Tianyu W700, priced at 425$, Tianyu big Hornet, priced at 238$, The small Hornet , priced at 111$. Haier W718 has a high cost performance

W718 android uses the level 6 of dustproof and level 7 waterproof functional design, it has been listed for sale

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